Saturday 20th August & Sunday 21st August 2011

Marco Vittino and Katherine Ashe
vittinoAshe, Perth

vittinoAshe is a studio that is committed to making. We are a small practice with extensive and varied expertise at a broad range of scales. handcrafting spaces, thoughtful detailing and sometimes personally constructing projects enriches our work. Marco Vittino and Katherine Ashe bring to the practice many years of teaching experience and a great deal of built and unbuilt architectural, urban design projects and other creative pursuits. They work collaboratively, exploring new ideas, at times with other disciplines. Both have worked locally, remotely and internationally. They have a specific interest in the Perth urban condition and how it will transition as the city continues to grow. More recently their focus has shifted towards practice as ongoing research. They continue to hold positions in architecture at the University of Western Australia and Curtin University of Technology respectively.

Photo_Robert Frith