Saturday 20th August & Sunday 21st August 2011

Simon Pendal & Stephen Neille
Pendal and Neille, Perth

Pendal and Neille is a design and research oriented architectural practice. Our approach aims to establish lucid and beautiful architecture that can touch the imagination. The unfurling of experience through movement excites us, the inner world of rooms intrigues us. We work in this realm of spatial poetics searching for a lyrical combination of light, volume and formal clarity. Simon Pendal and Stephen Neille teach at Curtin University where Stephen is Chair in Architectural Design. Simon graduated from Curtin University of Technology in 1994. Stephen graduated from The University of Sydney in 1988 and holds a PhD focused on architecture and its relationship with landscape and human perception. Their architectural projects have been represented at local, national and international venues.

Dalkeith Residence_Pendal and Neille
Photo_Stephen Neille