Saturday 20th August & Sunday 21st August 2011

Jennie Officer & Trent Woods
Officer Woods, Perth

We practise because we enjoy the variety and challenge of making things and making things happen. We believe in architecture’s ability to surprise and delight and we strive to make buildings that work well and look good. We respond to and are inspired by local traditions and their built heritage. We provide a service that privileges flexibility and resourcefulness over style. We aim to help and inspire individuals and the community. Our architectural service is based on good communication and sound research. For us, sustainability is a conscious aim and not an aesthetic response.

We believe success can be measured against the outcomes of a project: in refining and fulfilling the brief, meeting and exceeding sustainability benchmarks, satisfaction of individuals and community stakeholders and enhancement of the built and cultural environment.

Daly St_Officer Woods
Photo_Officer Woods Architects

Stevens St_Officer Woods
Photo_Officer Woods Architects