Saturday 20th August & Sunday 21st August 2011

Diego Ramirez-Lovering
Monash University, Melbourne

Diego Ramirez-Lovering is Head of Department of Architecture (A/g) at Monash University. He has taught and practiced in Australia, Italy and Mexico and is co-founder of MAS, Monash Architecture Studio. MAS is a research-led practice that focuses on issues surrounding urban growth with a specific focus on low-cost, sustainable housing alternatives, topics that also inform his ongoing PhD research. He works with government and private sectors on research and development toward alternative affordable, sustainable housing design typologies. His practice and research work has been published nationally and internationally in leading architecture and design journals. His latest books include reHousing (with Shane Murray and Simon Whibley), which focuses on the way in which architecture may contribute to the general provision of housing in Australia, and Opportunistic Urbanism, which examines the way in which architects can contribute to a broader context through a focused exploration  of informal modes of development in the contemporary city.

Opportunistic Urbanism_Diego Ramirez-Lovering

Dividable House_Monash Architecture Studio