Saturday 20th August & Sunday 21st August 2011

Emma Williamson & Kieran Wong
CODA Studio, Perth

Emma Williamson and Kieran Wong established CODA in 1997, with a focus on contributing innovative, pragmatic and sustainable design responses to urban and community challenges. This approach has seen CODA recognised as one of Western Australia’s premier architectural practices. Emma and Kieran are both driven to work with the non-for-profit sector and are particularly concerned with the need to address the lack of affordable residential options within our metropolitan and regional centres, a conversation made more urgent with the recent changes to WA’s residential housing codes. They’re proud of the influence CODA is having on shaping the places in which other Western Australian’s live, work, interact, meet and learn. They have guided their studio so that it’s integral to the creation of diverse, equitable communities that are vibrant and sustainable, with an ability to retain and attract younger generations to WA.

Move Apartments_CODA Studio

Womens Health Services_CODA Studio